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Make Motor Pool Reservations Here11/3/2017 3:06:40 PM
Dear state motor pool user,

The Department of Administration’s Division of Enterprise Operations is pleased to announce, beginning immediately, a new web based method for making on-line reservations for motor pool vehicles at DOA’s central fleet.  Employees will be able to very quickly make, change or cancel a reservation at anytime. 

With this new tool, the motor pool reservation system instantly becomes quicker, more efficient and will no longer require taking time to make a phone call or use the carbonless paper form.  A supervisor’s signature will no longer be needed.  Supervisors will receive an email with a link directing them to approve the request.  Once the supervisor has approved the request an electronic copy of the approval will be sent to the employee and will be on file electronically at Central Fleet.

It takes less than 5 minutes to register the first time you use the system.  Once registered, you will be able to make car pool reservations in less than a minute! 

The system is easy and convenient to use. 

How to register:
  1. You will need your driver’s license, supervisor’s name and email address and billing account code
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your driver’s license #
  4. You will be directed to enter your preferences (these can be edited at anytime)
  5. Once your preferences are entered you will be ready to make your next reservation

How to make a reservation (once you have registered):
  1. You will need your driver’s license
  2. Go to (book mark this link for future use)
  3. Enter your driver’s license # and you will be directed to a reservation management page
  4. Click on “make reservation”
  5. Fill in requested information
  6. Click “check availability”
  7. Once you confirm your reservation, your supervisor will automatically receive an email requesting approval of your request
  8. Once approved by your supervisor you will receive an approval email which will include a link to a reservation request slip
  9. Click on the link and print the form
  10. Bring the printed form with you to central fleet on day of reservation

Register today and enjoy the new and improved way of reserving a motor pool vehicle.

If you have any questions on how to use the on-line system, please contact DOA DL Fleet Tech Support

We encourage you to work with your department to place the motor pool registration link on your department’s intranet website so all employees will have easy access.

I believe you will find this new system to be extremely convenient and easy to use.

Thank you for your time and please help us spread the news.

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